Did you know that babies are capable of learning even when they’re still inside the womb? Your little one can already hear your voice and detect the vibrations as you speak. Once babies are born into this world, they listen to their parents’ speech and singing. Children are like sponges. They can absorb everything from the sounds of letters to words and numbers. They try to imitate and produce their own sounds. When parents take an active role in their children’s oral language development, it can help their little ones learn words more quickly.


Oral language skills are the foundation of children’s literacy development and academic success. As language abilities strengthen and solidify, children become more adept communicators and readers. The result is an increase in children’s confidence and overall well-being.

Oral language ability affects every aspect of a child’s life, including your little one’s capacity to learn and succeed at school, relationships with people, and self-perception of themselves. 

Constant exposure to an abundance of opportunities for language development produces outstanding readers, communicators, and writers.

The importance of oral communication When children communicate using spoken words, they can more easily convey their thoughts, express their ideas, and share information. 

When youngsters learn more words, they can effectively communicate with family, friends, classmates, teachers, and other people. 

For reasons like the previous ones at Euroliceo’s preschool we are comited to developing our students oral communication skills, both in Spanish and English language. 

This month’s project was reinforcing animals and vocabulary in general, therefore preschool’s Second grade english teachers came up with EuroPet. 

A safe space where children could present their pets to the rest of the class. 


Parent’s participation was key in this event because they were responsibles for keeping the pets in control while their children presented them. Students were both excited and nervous about showing their animals using English language, but with a little help from parents and teachers they overcame their fear and presented their pets with succes.

Their classmates were also excited to hear them, get to know the beautiful animals and also to pet them at the end of the exposition. They listened to every word they said and gave them a big applause at the end.